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An ode to the Tuscan land

The French-Italian duo Alain Cirelli and Jonni Bertolaccini has imagined an authentic and sensitive cuisine, made exclusively from local and seasonal products. Fruits and vegetables are grown according to the rules of organic farming by our team of farmers on the eco-azienda Paradis Agricole, located a few kilometers away. The wine list favors Tuscan vineyards.

In the heart of the palazzo, in the old arms room, the restaurant is set up like a gypsum library with its furniture and plaster prints on shelves. It extends into the garden, where you can dine by candlelight on summer evenings, amidst fruit trees, fountains and ponds designed by Jean Mus.

Light meals and cocktails are also available throughout the the day in the lounge bar facing at Piazza Crispi.

CALL at +39 058 418 11 031

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Now a few words about Pietrasanta: it is known as the “small Athens”. As it is located close to the Carrara marble quarries, sculpture is everywhere: on the public squares, in the workshops and in the galleries scattered all over the fortified town.

Pietrasanta is also a real Tuscan city with its yellow and ocher facades, his lovely Duomo, his Narrow streets which are full of life all the year long. Olives are the second passion of the local people. The hills around are covered with olive trees which determine the pace of life for the families who gather in the Fall to collect the valuable fruit.

The Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio beach resorts, with their large white sand beaches, their restaurants, beach bars and night-clubs, are only 10mn from downtown.